The Battle for Your Mind: Societal Resilience and the (Dis)Information Era

About this session:


Kicking off with a quiz and demo that illustrates the nature of disinformation to the town hall audience, this session will explore the changing nature of disinformation from fake news to online trolls and election interference. 

Speakers will discuss how disinformation and interference are being used as renewed tools of statecraft, amplifying divisive narratives to undermine trust in public institutions, exploiting existing societal cleavages and feeding on small pockets of distrust and discontent. Building on an overview of the current threat environment and evolving nature of the (dis)information landscape, this debate will cover the tools NATO Allies and Partners need to develop in order to address this challenge, with a particular emphasis on improving individual and collective resilience in our open societies.

Session Participants

Katarina Klingova, Senior Research Fellow of the Strategic Communication Programme, GLOBSEC
Rand Waltzman, Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Senior Information Scientist, RAND Corporation
Jakub Kalensky, Senior Fellow, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council
Oana Popescu-Zamir, Director, GlobalFocus Center
Carl Miller, Research Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos