What is NATO’s Role in An Insecure World? Adapting to an Era of Great Power Competition

About this session:


This conversation explored different perspectives on NATO’s enduring value in a changing world.

In an era where the value of multilateralism is increasingly being questioned, this session examined what the Alliance needs to do to retain the faith and support of its member-states’ decision-makers and electorates.

Introducing a range of different voices, this session sought to address NATO’s enduring relevance, its adaptation to a changing security environment, and the current and future challenges it faces.  

Session Participants

Kori Schake Deputy Director-General, IISS
Tomáš  Valášek , Senior Fellow, Carnegie Europe
Professor Gulnur Aybet, Senior Adviser to the President on Foreign Policy, Turkey
Dr Thomas Gomart, Director, French Institute of International Relations
Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President