Changing the Rules of the Game: Cyber Defence, Offence and Hybrid Warfare

About this session:


Hybrid and cyber threats to the security of the Alliance are becoming more frequent, complex, destructive and coercive. NATO has continued to adapt to the evolving threat landscape, but this is an ongoing challenge.  

This session will focus in particular on the implications of cyber and hybrid threats for the Alliance’s core business of deterrence and defence. How do you practice effective deterrence in cyberspace? How does cyber deterrence fit into a wider hybrid deterrence posture? What is the role of offensive cyber capabilities in deterring threats? And what is the appropriate balance between national-level responses and multilateral-level support?

Session Participants

Teija Tiilikainen, Director of the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats
Klara Jordan, Head of EU and Middle East, Global Cyber Alliance
Ciaran Martin, CEO, UK National Cyber Security Centre