Developing the Future, Today: Investing in Technology and R&D for Our Security

About this session:


This conversation will focus on technological development and its impact on transatlantic security in the midst of renewed great power competition.

The speakers will discuss the importance of research and development (R&D), as a component part of the pledge Allies made at the Wales Summit to invest 20% of their defence expenditure on new capabilities. The discussion will outline progress made since 2014 and new areas of focus, including the leveraging of public-private partnerships and future capability development including on-the-horizon technologies such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and data science. As security challenges continue to evolve, NATO’s responses will require rapid, smarter and more efficient decision-making processes backed by technological means.

Session Participants

Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Director of the European Union Satellite Centre
Professor Dame Angela Mclean DBE FRS, Chief Scientific Advisor, UK Ministry of Defence
Camille Grand, Assistant Secretary for Defence Investment, NATO
Noam Perski, Global Public Sector Lead, Palantir Technologies