Watch scenes and various reflections on the NATO Alliance at 70.

What Does NATO Mean to You?
The Alliance at 70
Turkey’s Role in NATO and Regional Security Challenges
Innovation and Security: Adapting to Hybrid Threats and Emerging Technologies
Behind the Iron Curtain
Why NATO Matters: The Next Generation’s Perspective
Reflections on the Joint Session of Congress
Putting People First: NATO and Human Security
Spotlight: A Perspective on Russia
Enlarging Security in the Neighborhood
The Alliance at 70: Perspectives from Washington
Russia Resurgent: Deterrence and Dialogue after the INF Treaty
The US Role in NATO and Enduring Value of the Transatlantic Bond
The Alliance at 70: Perspectives from NATO HQ
9/11 and Article 5
Serving Side by Side
Germany, NATO, and Transatlantic Security
Stronger Together: Allies in an Era of Great Power Confrontation
Looking Ahead: The Alliance at 80
View the afternoon sessions of NATO Engages 2019: The Alliance at 70
View the morning sessions of NATO Engages 2019: The Alliance at 70
The Atlantic Council’s Executive Vice President, Damon M. Wilson previews #NATOat70 at #NATOEngages today. NATO is successful today in large part because of it’s ability to adapt, and it’s only appropriate that we look ahead.
To celebrate NATO’s 70th anniversary, civilian and military personnel representing all 29 NATO nations assembled in the central Agora at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, representing their countries.
Lauratuulia Lehtinen Deputy Head of Mission of Finland to NATO, Brussels reflects on the relationship between NATO and its allies.


Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen reflects on 70 years of NATO.